Connected Panel
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Is Your Panel Connected?

The iPad has taken the aviation world by storm, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a piece of new equipment that pilots have adapted so quickly and with such enthusiasm.

Pilots love their iPads, but there was a gap in the system that Aspen Avionics has solved. In July 2011, Aspen Avionics introduced its Connected Panel. This means that pilots and aircraft owners will be able to both access and exchange data from their installed certified avionics and their iPads and other personal devices.

Connected Panel with comprehensive interoperability will be available for installation by the end of 2011.

Aspen Avionics’ Connected Panel includes hardware, software, and application components that provide two-way wireless communications between panel avionics and personal smart devices to streamline flight-related activities – everything from flight planning to engine monitoring.

Connected™ Pilot is the first Connected Panel™ hardware and software system, and will list for under $2500. Because Kings Avionics is an authorized Aspen Avionics dealer, we will be able to install Connected Pilot. Aspen’s Connected™ Pilot app, designed for the iPad, will be available via the iTunes store.

Other companies, Connected Panel Partners, have joined Aspen in this effort. Current Connected Panel Partners include: AvConnect, Avidyne, Coradine, ForeFlight; Jeppesen, Hilton Software, JP Instruments, Parrot, Pinnacle Aerospace, PS Engineering, Seattle Avionics, and Sporty’s Pilot Shop. These companies have all committed to building products and applications that will be Connected Panel Enabled™.

Get the most out of your iPad. Get the most out of your panel. Ask us about how Connected Panel fits into your aircraft.