Instrument Repair / Overhaul

Kings Avionics holds Unlimited Class ratings from the FAA. What that means to you as a customer is that any of our three locations can perform any level of work. In order to secure these Unlimited Class ratings, we had to prove our capabilities to FAA inspectors. We can work on any aircraft and perform any avionics repair function without any prior approvals from the FAA.

Our Repair Station is the pride of Kings Avionics. We have a 42-year history of instrument repair with a trained staff that is the envy of any other facility. Our standards are high, and we like it that way, even though maintaining the level of competence we enjoy takes a huge investment in time and money. It’s hard work being the best!

You’ll never hear a Kings Avionics employee telling you that we should get a part in by the end of the week. At Kings Avionics, we maintain a huge supply of parts to facilitate repairs. We know that fast turn times make happy customers. Parts of the lifeblood of the repair business. No matter how well-trained your staff is, you have to invest in a parts inventory. Our extensive inventory shaves three to five days off the average repair job – making sure your airplane is back flying ASAP.

Kings Avionics is authorized to repair or overhaul components from nearly every major avionics manufacturer. The state-of-the-art facilities include bench repair stations, clean rooms and calibration labs.

Currently King Avionics is repairing all Instruments at their Salt Lake Facility. 

To guarantee all your repairs  can be repaired right away, Kings has spent the last 40 years building a large parts inventory. If your avionics component cannot be repaired immediately, Kings can provide loaner or rental units to get your aircraft back in service. To ensure quality and reliability, all of the parts and components in the Kings inventory comply with FAA traceability and ESDS (electrostatic sensitive devices) requirements.

Kings Avionics has been granted the following ratings by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration):