Avionics and Instrument Repair & Overhaul

It’s the middle of the night, and your airplane is on the ground with required equipment that’s inoperative. Whatever it takes, Kings Avionics’ repair and overhaul team will ignore the clock as it works to get you airborne as quickly as your mission requires.


No aspect of avionics has changed more over the last decade than repair and overhaul. The Kings Avionics technicians are dedicated to recurrent factory training that enables them to address the various needs of the equipment listed in the 12-page Capabilities Document.

As avionics technology has changed so have the tools and test equipment required to keep it operating at peak performance. Kings Avionics is equipped for the 21st century, and it strives to keep one-step ahead of the latest developments.Banner_Craftsmanship_2

At the same time, it has not forsaken the legacy equipment that continues to serve aviation. Kings repair and overhaul technicians have the knowledge, equipment, and parts needed for most of this equipment because the mission is always the same, to keep you flying.